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Food Cost Control System
The heart is the key to the human circulatory system while Food Cost Control is the central element in a food circulation system, it provides the control element for profitability. The system begins with the taking of the first inventory plus purchases, each item is then reduced to its minimum quantity. A drop, dash, oz, leaf, slice etc. is represented by its cost. The individual items costs is programmed so upon entering its name into a recipe form the cost is automatically listed. By entering the quantity it distributes the total item cost. Then all of the items are totaled to the final recipe cost. Multiplicationís of this cost can be used for menu pricing and analysis. The recipe costs are then multiplied times by the number of items soled. This can be entered manually or by link to the point of sale program you use. By having your calculated food cost menu engineering be comes a reality. Thief, waste or shrinking profit margins be come evident and can be quantifies for improvements. Should personnel changes occur you always have a base line to reconstruct your kitchen personnel training. If sale of the restaurant is your goal you can sell this asset along with your equipment and furnishings. Donít miss the opportunity to discuss the benefit of this program with us.